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bt limit increase." The White House is negotiating with congressional leaders on a deal to raise the 14.29-trillion-dollar debt ceiling, it also involves cutting the federal budge


ures the effectiveness and hopefully strengthens the effectiveness of the Security Council," the senior U.S. diplomat told reporters. Reform to revamp the world's most powerful mu.


government didn't restrict access to the Internet and prevent its own citizens from getting technology training." Access to the Internet on the island is highly restricted and onl.


tities of cocaine and methamphetamine into our communities," he said. "With today's arrests, we've shut down that potentially deadly supply chain and cut off what was a key source.


respiratory ailment due to a "severe" pulmonary infection, which means that Chavez needs a respirator to breathe. The government has said that since Chavez was re-elected, and the.

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ultinational operations were the way forward. Odierno was speaking at the three-day Pacific Armies Chiefs' Conference (PACC), which runs concurrently with the five-day Pacific Arm.

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itional ties of friendship and cooperation," the statement added. Santos, 58, gained about 69 percent of the votes in Sunday's runoff elections, and he is scheduled to take over t.

8.7 percent in 2012. LOS ANGELES, Sept. 5 (Xinhua) -- The U.S. unemployment rate, which stood at 9.6 percent in August, could remain elevated for years to come although the U.S. .

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